Traveling to NYC


LaGuardia Airport (LGA) in Queens, NY is the closest to the venue, about 6.5 miles to Roosevelt Island, 8 miles to midtown Manhattan. From the airport you can take a taxi or Uber (average price $25 to Roosevelt Island and $52 to Midtown – prices vary greatly depending on time of day and traffic) or public transportation (free bus to the subway, $2.90).

John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in Queens, NY is a 16-mile taxi/Uber drive away, or about an hour on public transportation. The taxi fare is a flat rate of $70 (plus $5 during peak hours, plus tip and tolls) to Manhattan. There is no flat rate from JFK to Roosevelt Island – it can cost anywhere from $60-$120. The cost of an Uber/Lyft to either Manhattan or Roosevelt Island varies greatly – it can be less than $75 or up to $150.


Take the train to New York, NY – Moynihan Train Hall (NYP). From there it’s about 30 minutes to the venue – a ½ mile walk to the F train at 34th Street and 6th Avenue, and 5 stops towards Jamaica to Roosevelt Island.

Traveling to the Venue

AHSR Venue: Verizon Executive Education Center at Cornell Tech on Roosevelt Island in New York City

Address: 2 West Loop Road, New York, NY 10044

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View the Verizon Executive Education Center campus map.


The tram costs $2.90 for a single ride and is wheelchair accessible. MTA MetroCards are accepted for payment and can be purchased at the tram stations. Contactless payment with your credit or debit card is also accepted. There is a free transfer between subways/buses and the tram when paying with a MetroCard. Additionally, the tram is likely to experience increased ridership and wait-times during rush hours due to a new construction on the F subway line. Please leave extra time for your trip. For additional information on the tram, please click here.

ROUTE 1: Catch the tram at 59th Street and 2nd Avenue in Manhattan.
Take the tram one stop. The tram runs every 7.5 minutes during rush hours and every 15 minutes the rest of the day.


The subway currently costs $2.90/ride (any distance), and you can pay with a refillable MTA MetroCard which is available for purchase at vending machines in most subway stations. Or simply tap your own contactless credit or debit card, smart device, iPhone or Apple Watch and ride.

Click here to view subway maps, including an Accessible Stations Subway Map.

ROUTE 2: From Brooklyn or Manhattan, take the Q train to 63rd Street and Lexington Avenue.
Find the F shuttle train on the downtown platform. Take the F shuttle train one stop to Roosevelt Island. The F shuttle train runs every 20 minutes, and the schedule is found here.

ROUTE 3: From Brooklyn or Manhattan, take the 4/5/6/N/R/W train to Lexington Avenue and 59th Street.
Exit the station and walk north to the 63rd Street and Lexington Avenue station. Enter the station and follow Route 2 directions.

ROUTE 4: From Queens, take the N/W/R trains towards Manhattan to Lexington Avenue and 59th Street.
From there, follow Route 3 directions.

Arrival to Roosevelt Island: Accessing the street-level on Roosevelt Island or platform-level for the F train takes 3 sets of escalators. However, there are elevators on each platform. Be mindful of which elevator you take down from the street—there are separate ones for each direction (towards Queens or towards Manhattan/Brooklyn). If you are taking the elevator up to the street, they are located on the far end of each platform.

If you are not staying along the F line, or need access to other accessible stations during your stay, click here to access the MTA main webpage where you can request directions for a fully accessible trip.

Note: MTA Service Change as of August 2023, there has been service changes to the subway line (F/M) due to a track replacement project by the MTA. The subway directions have been updated to incorporate the new changes.


Traveling around the city by bus is usually slow due to traffic, but can be useful for short trips, especially if walking from the subway to your destination is not a desired option. There are free transfers between buses and subways in NYC (one transfer per fare) when using a MetroCard or the OMNY/tap and pay system.

ROUTE 5: From Queens, take the Q102 bus to Roosevelt Island from Queens Plaza North and 29th Street.
Exit at the “E Loop Rd / N Loop Rd” stop to be near the conference center. The Q102 bus also connects Roosevelt Island to Long Island City and Astoria in Queens. Click here to view NYC bus maps.

ROUTE 6: When you arrive on Roosevelt Island, take the complimentary Roosevelt Island Red Bus to the venue.
The Red Bus circles Roosevelt Island every 15 minutes, making all local stops from 5:30am-2:30am Sunday through Thursday and 5:30am-3:30am on Friday and Saturday. The Verizon Center is near the West Loop Road/North Loop Road stop.

Note: If taking Route 5 and Route 6, the bus stop for the Red Line AND the Queens-bound Q102 is located directly in front of the F train station. If you take the Q102 in front of the F train station you will end up in Queens. To take the Q102 towards the venue, you will need to make two immediate lefts as you exit the train station and walk straight past Duane Reade until you reach the bus stop (~430 feet).


Tickets are $4.00 per ride and can be purchased at the ferry landings or through the NYC Ferry App. The ferries are fully accessible to those with disabilities. To view the ferry schedule, please click here.

ROUTE 7: Get on the Astoria route (AST) of the NYC Ferry will connect you to Roosevelt Island. The landing is located on east Main Street (a 5-minute walk from the venue).


We don’t recommend traveling around the city or from Manhattan to the venue on Roosevelt Island by car/taxi/Uber. When driving from Manhattan to Roosevelt Island, you’ll need to go through Queens. From Manhattan, it’s best to take the subway and/or tram. However, if you are staying in Queens, taking a taxi/Uber may be a convenient way of getting to the venue.

ROUTE 8: Access Roosevelt Island by car via the Roosevelt Island bridge from 36th Street in Queens, then drive south down Main Street.


Limited metered street parking is available on Main Street (50 cents/15 minutes) – different locations have different time limits (anywhere from 45 minutes to 6 hours). Check here for details.

Self-parking is available at the Motorgate Parking Garage at 688 Main Street on Roosevelt Island (approximately .75 miles from the venue) – to the right, just after you cross over the Roosevelt Island Bridge.

After parking at Motorgate, you can take the complimentary Roosevelt Island Red Bus to the venue. The bus stop is located at 10 River Road – across the street from the Motorgate’s ground floor level, in front of the Manhattan Park Apartment Complex.

Current Motorgate daily parking rates (subject to change):

Up to 1 hour$9
Up to 2 hours$12
Up to 3 hours$14
Up to 10 hours$20
Max 24 hours$25